Rent-To-Own A Home in Ontario helps people who want to someday own their own home but cannot due to poor or no credit or lack of downpayment. If you've had some difficulties in the past, perhaps a bankruptcy, or if you're new to the country (and therefore have no established credit), rent-to-own may be a great alternative to renting.

Interested in learning if our Rent-To-Own A Home Program will work for you? Contact us today and perhaps we can help you find your dream home.


If you are intersted in Rent-to-Own and would like to see if you qualify, please complete our preliminary Rent-to-Own A Home Application. We will contact you to discuss our program and your application in detail.

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How Rent To Own A Home Works

Learn how you can purchase your own dream home within a few short years regardless of your current credit situation or lack of down payment.

Here we explain the Rent-To-Own A Home Program, including financial and maintenance responsibilities, home value and selection guidelines, and how our program forces you to save for your dream home during your rental term.

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How To Qualify for Rent-To-Own

We'll show you what you need to qualify to get started in a Rent-To-Own A Home Program, as well as what you'll need in order to qualify for a mortgage at the end of your rental term.

Is your credit score a little below average? Having trouble saving that downpayment? Do you own your own home and need help to prevent losing it? Here we outline our qualification quidelines.

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Investing in Rent To Own Real Estate

If you are interested in investing in low risk, high return on investment Rent-to-Own opportunities, contact us today.

Rent-to-Own investment terms typically last two to three years. Our tenant-first rent-to-own program is low risk, offers impressive returns, and, because it helps people realize their dream of owning a home, it is truly a win-win combination.

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