Investing in Rent-To-Own Real Estate Ontario

Here are the advantages of investing in our Program:

  • Win-Win. The tenant-buyer gets to own their dream home, receives help with their credit issues and with saving their down payment, and the investor/owner enjoys above-market rent (positive cash flow) and a built-in exit plan.

    • Positive Monthly Cash Flow. Tenant-buyers pay a premium rental amount each month, of which 20% is saved towards their down payment in the form of a monthly option credit at the end of their rental term. This ensures that the monthly property income is always higher than the monthly costs, and that the tenant has the down payment saved by the end of their rental term that they'll need to purchase the home. It also ensures that they have some skin in the game, as the monthly credits can only be used for a down payment at the end of term.

    • Pre-established Exit Strategy. At then end of their rental term (typically 2 or 3 years), the tenant-buyer agrees to purchase the home for a pre-established price, guaranteed by an initial option deposit (2-10% of the purchase price) and the 20% monthly option credit. This allows you to evaluate the true value of each deal and focus only on the financial return.

    • Non-Refundable Deposit and Monthly Option Credits. The deposit and monthly credits are forced savings for the tenant-buyer to make sure that they have the down payment needed when it is time for them to purchase the home from us. If they do not exercise their option to purchase the home, we retain the deposit and credits and ownership of the home. This protects our investment and motivates the tenant-buyer to do everything that is required to qualify for a mortgage at the end of their rental term. The deposit allows the costs of the property to be paid while we look for a suitable replacement tenant-buyer.

  • Gratifying. Our Rent-To-Own A Home Program helps people who are genuinely motivated reach their dream of home ownership. We help by mentoring them through a Credit Repair Program, and by helping them save the down payment. In the case where the tenant-buyer already owns their home and is at risk of losing it, we help them stay in and keep their home until they can get back on their feet.

  • High Return on Investment. Contact us below to discuss how the returns using the Rent-to-Own Tactic exceed those of nearly every other investment vehicle. Our Program delivers above-average return on investment at 15-25% per year.

  • Secured by Legally-Binding Contracts. Our program protects the rights of everyone involved (tenant-buyer, seller, E&C Properties, our investors) through the use of a detailed Occupancy Agreement.

  • Hassle-Free, Zero Maintenance. In our Rent-To-Own A Home Program, the tenant-buyer is responsible for all maintenance and repairs, including the house inspection and subsequent repairs. That means no typical landlord duties, and no need to hire expensive property managers.

  • Professional Team. To ensure every deal is as successful and profitable as possible, we follow a precise, detailed checklist that leaves absolutely nothing to chance. Every investment opportunity we engage in is carefully selected, reviewed and scrutinized by our team of professionals (real estate lawyer, real estate accountant, credit repair sprecialist, mortgage broker, real estate agents and inspectors). We work with only the best, seasoned professionals in the industry, and everyone on our team always wins with every deal.

  • Real Estate Cycle Friendly. E&C Properties actively monitors the real estate market cycle by region to ensure that our Rent-To-Own A Home Program is in line with the flow of the market. Even though the rent-to-own tactic can be profitable during all cycle phases, some phases are more profitable than others. And, since the real estate cycle is region-specific, some cities are safer, more predictable or more profitable choices than others. We recognize the phases and market momentum and adjust accordingly to maximize profits for our investors and returns for our tenant-buyers.

  • Real Estate Investment Top Cities Only. We only accept tenant-buyers who want to live in real-estate-investment-friendly cities. We regularly monitor the key drivers and market influencers in Ontario cities and select only those with real estate markets poised to perform well. This way our tenant-buyers win as their home investment appreciates (and, if their home appreciates beyond the predetermined purchase price, they earn that too) and we win as our investments close on time as predicted. Attention to this detail further protects everyone involved and ensures that everybody is happy when the deal closes.

  • Qualified, Motivated Tenant-Buyers FIRST. Instead of purchasing a rental property then looking for a rent-to-own tenant-buyer, we select the tenant-buyer first. We follow a strict qualification process when evaluating a tenant-buyer, ensuring that they are genuinely motivated and a true, good fit for our Rent-To-Own A Home program. We approve the tenant FIRST, then introduce them to one of our qualified real estate agents (in their city of choice) who then helps them shop for their dream home. That way, the tenant-buyer truly receives the experience of choosing the city, neighbourhood and type of home they truly desire (emotionally binding them to the home), and we don't have to risk having an investment property sit empty as we search for an acceptable tenant-buyer.
If you are interested in learning more about our Rent-To-Own A Home Program or are interested in investing in Rent-To-Own real estate properties, please contact us today.

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